Blogging Virtual Assistant


My first case study discusses the work I do as a blogging virtual assistant for one of my clients. Blogs are a great way to provide your audience with high quality and useful information, plus Google loves them! I’ve enjoyed writing my own personal blog for several years, so I also feel completely at home within the blogging and influencer community. I’ve created and maintain my own blog on WordPress, including working on sponsored brand collaborations, so I’m experienced in working with all aspects of blogging and I love this type of work too.


The client

A therapist who has launched her own magazine. She was struggling to find the time to create blog posts for her website and so the posting schedule was inconsistent and sometimes sporadic. She also has a large bank of posts she had previously written for an old website. She knew they contained interesting and helpful information that could be displayed on her magazine website, but she doesn’t have the time to work her way through them, converting them into posts that will sit well alongside other content.


Work I carry out for her

  1. I’ve been working my way through her old blog posts, selecting those that can be repurposed within the near future. 
  2. Blog posts that are suitable for publishing within a particular timeframe are then edited by me. I make sure each post contains information that is relevant, I re-format the post, source new images and carry out SEO tasks, including editing the permalink and linking to other posts. I allocate a category/categories for the post, then schedule for publication to fit with my client’s requested posting schedule. 
  3. Sometimes my client will ask me to scour the news and trending topics so that I can provide her with suggestions for blog post topics that are particularly current and also relevant to her blog.
  4. As well as editing old blog posts, I also create new blog posts from scratch, sometimes focusing on the trending topics I’ve provided her with. I research the subject in greater detail, write the blog post, source relevant images and schedule the post for publication once approved by my client.
  5. Canva is a great free tool for creating pinnable blog images – sometimes I’ll use Canva to design images for her blog posts that can also be used for social media promotion and pinning to her Pinterest boards.
  6. When requested, I schedule social media posts using Hootsuite to promote her blog posts.
  7. After a discussion around changing her categories to create a better user experience, I set up the new categories and re-categorised published blog posts.


How the work I carry out helps her

  1. Because my client was struggling to find the time to create and consistently publish blog posts, her website wasn’t looking up-to-date with fresh content. By revamping old posts, providing suggested topics and research for new posts, and also creating new posts, my client’s website is consistenly updated with improved, relevant and good quality content.
  2. My client had been wanting to begin publishing blog posts based on trending topics. By carrying out research for her and creating these types of blog posts, my client is able to have highly relevant content on her website that she didn’t have the time to create by herself. 
  3. By setting up a more specific collection of categories and re-categorising her blog posts, visitors to her website are now easily able to find the topics they’re interested in reading about, helping to lower bounce rates and keep visitors coming back for more. 
  4. Revamping old blog posts has meant that relevant and interesting information has been repurposed. The posts all have better images to appeal to visitors, internal links to reduce bounce rates and improved formatting to make them enjoyable to read. 
  5. Because I’m experienced in blogging tasks, from reformatting posts and sourcing images through to researching topics and designing images on Canva, I’m quicker than my client at getting things done and can complete tasks efficiently. 


If you’re looking for assistance with blogging tasks, or if you’re a blogger or influencer who would like a helping hand, get in touch.