Editorial Virtual Assistant


My second case study is going to focus on the editorial virtual assistant work I carried out for a magazine editor. I provided this client with regular VA support, assisting with many tasks that helped her to get each monthly issue published on time.


The client

A magazine editor who published a new issue at the start of every month. She was previously struggling to get each magazine ready to the standard she requires by every deadline date. Juggling contributions, article writing, image sourcing and more, it was proving very difficult for her to achieve everything by herself.


Work I carried out for her

  1. For each monthly issue, I supported her with a variety of tasks to ensure the magazine was published on time and to a high standard.
  2. I assisted her with planning each issue: I helped her to create a running order, organised folders in Google Drive, created deadline dates in Google Calendar and set up the next issue using InDesign.
  3. All articles submitted by contributing writers were proofread and edited if my client requested for them to be included in the next issue. 
  4. I researched information on particular topics when requested by my client and sourced images.
  5. Using InDesign, I designed and edited the magazine layout. I uploaded images, articles and interviews, adverts to be featured and so on.


How the work I carried out helped her

  1. My client was previously struggling to complete all tasks by herself and was feeling completely overwhelmed. By providing her with regular support and taking tasks off her hands, she felt more organised and in control of her deadlines, which were always met without fail. 
  2. By outsourcing tasks to me, my client was able to focus on the tasks she preferred to do and that were important to her magazine, such as writing her own articles, sourcing contributors and advertisers, and editing the magazine as a whole. 
  3. Creating a system of organised folders made it easier for her to find what she needed at any time, saving valuable time and increasing efficiency for us both.
  4. Due to having more available time and a helping pair of hands, my client was able to increase the length of each magazine issue and also spend more time perfecting the look and editorial content of each issue, so that her magazines were exactly what she hoped they would be.
  5. Issues that had a good length, were well designed and full of interesting content meant that readership numbers kept increasing.



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