Let me help you with those tasks you don’t have time to do, you’re not sure how to do, or you really don’t enjoy doing, so you can focus on your clients and growing your business.

I provide general admin support and specialise in the services below.


Virtual Assistant services I offer:


Magazine assistance

One of my long-standing regular clients is the Editor of an online magazine – read here how I help her with each magazine issue. Here’s how I can help you:

  • Research: carry out research for articles and features.
  • Source images: find the best images to accompany your magazine articles.
  • Write articles: I’m experienced in writing magazine articles, particularly around lifestyle and interiors topics. Contact me to request samples of my work.
  • Edit: edit articles received from contributers.
  • Magazine layouts: use InDesign to create full magazine issues or put the finishing touches to individual pages.


Blogging/influencer services

After running my own blog for several years and working with blogs as a VA, I’m very familiar with all aspects of blogging and the blogging community as a whole – read here how I help a therapist with her blog. Here are a selection of the tasks I can help you with:

  • Blog post creation: I’m experienced in writing, editing and scheduling blog posts in WordPress and Blogger. Topics I particularly enjoy working with include lifestyle, interiors and gardens, wellbeing.
  • Research: research topics and source suitable images for blog posts.
  • Photo editing: use Photoshop to edit photos for blog posts.
  • Updating old blog posts: making updates to written content, sourcing new images, re-categorising posts, SEO tasks.
  • Assisting with brand collaborations: helping collabs to run smoothly.
  • Updating media kits: keeping all information and figures up to date.
  • Social media assistance: updating social media profiles, managing Pinterest boards, promoting blog posts.
  • Blogger transfers: transferring blog content from Blogger to WordPress.


Website work

With several years of experience working with WordPress, I can help you with various website tasks:

  • Creating WordPress websites: contact me to request examples of the websites I’ve created for clients.
  • Updating WordPress websites: updating written content, sourcing new images, implementing design updates, adding new testimonials etc.
  • WordPress maintenance: updating plugins, managing blog post comments etc.
  • Online store support: Woocommerce tasks, editing product descriptions, updating product information and images.


This list isn’t exhaustive – if there are other tasks you would like support with, please get in touch to see if I’m able to help.



Our customers are better informed and our pages rank better through the additional quality content Jenny has provided.  Jenny is also punctual with her work deadlines and great at spotting issues with pages that we have missed

P. Humes, Jewellerybox Ltd.